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TruBody Contouring

TruFlex is an innovative muscle sculpting method that utilizes electrical muscle stimulation, leading to a potential 30% increase in muscle thickness and mass. The TruFlex stands out as an industry leader, simultaneously treating two areas during a session.

The outcomes achieved in a single TruFlex session may surpass what could take three months or more to accomplish through traditional gym workouts!

TruSculpt safely penetrates deep beneath the skin, reaching the subcutaneous fat layers and eradicating fat cells at their origin. Commonly utilized to address resistant areas such as the upper arms, under the chin, love handles, abdomen, and thighs. The treatments are 15 minutes per body area and in the subsequent 12 weeks, the body naturally expels these eliminated fat cells through its drainage system. TruSculpt also offers the added advantage of skin tightening around the treated areas.

For optimal results, integrating TruBody Contouring into your existing exercise routine is highly recommended!


Muscle Building

$2,400 / 4 treatments

*Scheduled 1 week apart for 4 weeks


Fat Melting

$2,400 / 2 treatments


Medical Membership

2-3 Areas

$3,000 / 12 treatments

*Scheduled twice a week for 6 weeks 

or once a week for 12 weeks


 CALL: 479-278-7166

 TEXT: 479-278-7166 

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