Erin Courtway, APRN

Owner, Nurse Practitioner and Injector

Erin Courtway is a Family Nurse Practitioner,  injector and owner of PRISM Aesthetics. She worked as an RN for seven years before, with a background in ER, ICU, medical surgery, and pharmaceuticals. She then finally found her way into aesthetics in the year of 2018. She finished out her RN career as a COVID-19 travel nurse in New York City for almost two months when the pandemic started—which she says changed her perspective on everything in life - for good!

Erin has a deep passion for aesthetics and prides herself in being a voice in the women’s empowerment movement.


Her vision is that PRISM Aesthetics will be a welcoming, diverse, & non-judgmental place where each and every client walks out feeling more confident and beautiful!

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At PRISM Aesthetics, our focus is entirely on you.
We value clinical excellence, safety, and follow up, and these values are always upheld by our amazing team!

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Chantal Crosse-Sumlin, APRN

Chantal has been practicing as a Family Nurse Practitioner since 1999 and her practice has always focused on underserved populations. She is also a group fitness instructor and loves teaching dance fitness. Chantal is passionate about supporting women and helping them meet their health/fitness goals, as well as boosting their self confidence. She is very passionate about incorporating medical aesthetics into  her practice at PRISM to help her beautiful patients have improved confidence!

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Madison Hopkins, RN

Madison Hopkins is a Registered Nurse from the Dallas area. She moved to Fayetteville, AR for her undergraduate degree and decided to stick around after graduating with her nursing degree from the University of Arkansas. Through college, she worked as a makeup artist and beauty blogger. That said, it has always been her dream to integrate her passion for beauty with her career as an RN. Madison loves aesthetic nursing because it allows her to help patients to feel their best and most confident self.

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Robyn Roach, RN

Robyn Roach is a Registered Nurse and injector and is passionate about beauty, health, & wellness. She loves helping women achieve the best version of themselves inside and out.She was trained at National Laser Institute for injectables in 2016 and has a background in cosmetic injectables, dermatology, & plastic surgery.Robyn is also soon to be a holistic health coach graduate from Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is married and is a boy mom to a toddler and a teen. When not at work you can find her with her family spending time outdoors or at sports.

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Audrey Pagliaro, RN

Audrey is a Registered Nurse and injector at PRISM. She has a deep passion for nursing & beauty, and has been able to find a way to combine those two passions in the field of medical aesthetics. She's from Texas and California, but fell in love with Northwest Arkansas. Audrey strives to allow that every patient she sees to walk out feeling like the best version of themselves! In her free time she loves spending time with her fiance and dog!

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Selena Garcia, Aesthetician

Selena is one of our incredible licensed aestheticians at PRISM. She strives to make her clients feel confident and beautiful in their skin. One of her favorite things to do as an aesthetician is educate her clients on how to take care of their specific and unique skincare needs.  In her free time she loves exercising and spending time with her family. She's also an avid foodie!

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Lauren Fortenberry

Lauren Fortenberry is the Assistant Manager at PRISM who handles booking appointments, transactions, and keeping everything organized. She has worked as a client coordinator in the aesthetic field since 2017. Lauren is from Hindsville, AR. When she’s not at work, all her focus is on being a mommy to her 5-year old son.

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