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Erin offers private advanced technique trainings for providers with a minimum of 1 year experience injecting full time. She will instruct providers on patient assessment, anatomy, and advanced techniques of their choice. 

Training Options

  • Shadowing only (includes 30 minutes for questions after shadowing)

Group Pricing Discounts Available

  • Shadowing + Hands on Training

    • Includes 1 day of shadowing and 4 hours hands on training, including didactics.​

  • Hands on Training Only - General Aesthetics​

    • Includes 4 hours, biostimulator PRF, neurontoxins, Sculptra, dermal filler, lips.​​​

  • 3D Liquid Facelift Training - 4 Hours​

    • Includes 2 hours of didactic training​ and 2 hours of hands on training

    • Please bring the product you will be using

  • PDO Thread Training (Miracu) - 3 Hours​

    • Didactic training - threads included​

    • Access to discounted pricing for Miracu PDO threads at end of training.

  • Radiesse or Sculptra BBL Training - 3 hours​

    • Didactic training​

    • Please bring your own product.

      • Radiesse: 10-20 syringes​

      • Sculptra: 10 vials

  • Gender Affirming Care​​

    • Didactic training​

    • Please bring your own product.

    • For the training, we will need one male and one female model.

      • If you're unable to bring models, we can provide models for training.​

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