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PRISM Aesthetics: Laser Hair Removal

Are you familiar with laser hair removal? Chances are, it's gained immense popularity among celebrities, friends, and family. But why the buzz? Simply put, lasers are incredibly effective in eliminating unwanted hair. With just 6-8 treatments, you can achieve the hair removal results you desire, bidding farewell to those pesky bad hair days!

Traditional methods like waxing, shaving, or tweezing are not only painful but also temporary and outdated. Why invest so much time in methods that offer only fleeting results and leave you dealing with razor bumps and irritated skin?

Breaking free from this cycle is simple. First, decide you're done with the never-ending shaving and waxing. Next, consult with a laser hair removal specialist, like the professionals at PRISM Aesthetics, to determine if laser hair removal is the right fit for you. During the treatment, the Diolaze Laser Hair Removal device by InMode is used to target the hair follicles, sending a wavelength of light that converts to energy, effectively zapping the hair and destroying the follicle responsible for hair growth. Professional training and experience ensure the correct wavelength for achieving permanent hair removal. Our staff members who perform laser hair removal are Certified Laser Technicians and very knowledgeable.

While the laser does "zap" the hair, professional treatments, such as those offered at PRISM Aesthetics, prioritize your comfort and safety. The sensation of the laser is akin to a quick rubber band snap, with any discomfort subsiding within minutes.

Before your appointment, we ask that you do not have a spray tan due to risks like hypopigmentation. We also ask that you have not had waxing or threading to the treatment area for 4-6 weeks before laser hair removal. Many medications such as antibiotics can make people have photosensitivity, so you mustn't receive laser treatments while on these types of medications. Come to your appointment freshly shaved in the treatment region as this makes the treatment more comfortable. If you have any questions before your appointment, call us at PRISM and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

In conclusion, laser hair removal is effective for nearly every part of the body, and PRISM Aesthetics employs advanced laser technology that is safe for all skin types. It's a method suitable for most individuals, offering a superior solution for achieving your goal of smooth, hair-free skin!  Embark on your journey to hair-free skin by scheduling a consultation. Say farewell to unwanted hair and hello to smooth skin by calling now!

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