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Prism Aesthetics | Laser Hair Removal Northwest Arkansas

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Laser hair removal has quickly climbed the charts in aesthetics when it comes to appearance. At Prism Aesthetics, we understood the need of laser hair removal in the Northwest Arkansas area that was available for all skin types. Our goal was to also provide the best laser technology in the industry to the area for their clients.

At Prism, we use a laser called Optimas-Inmode. This laser technology 'offers professional-grade aesthetic procedures. Optimas is equipped with (many treatment options) intense pulsed light, laser, and radiofrequency capabilities for skin treatments, discoloration, and hair removal' per Inmode. After much consideration and research during the hunt for a laser that we felt would pack the punch we like to offer, the Optimas-Inmode is the laser treatment suite we landed on to incorporate into Prism Aesthetics.

What Does Laser Hair Removal Help With?

It helps reduce ingrown hairs; in turn reduce the irritation and bumps that those hairs and clogged follicals produce. One of the biggest perks is less shaving or waxing, meaning less razor burn! Your skins texture will improve over time since the areas will be less irritated. Your self image and body positivity increases when you are happy with how you look and feel!

What Kind of Laser Do We Use at Prism Aesthetics?

The hand piece we use for laser hair removal is called Diolaze. Diolaze is an advanced laser hair removal procedure that safely and gently eliminates unwanted hair from the treatment area. The laser hair removal machine uses a laser light source to target pigmented hair destroying the hair follicles with heat.

The Diolaze was the perfect hand piece for laser hair removal because it 'combines high peak power with a large spot size. DiolazeXL hair removal provides easy and fast treatments with permanent results (to most areas of the body).' per Inmode.

What this means for you:

  • Your sessions will be quicker. The larger plate on the laser hair removal hand piece makes the session go by quicker since we are able to cover a lot of ground quicker.

  • The power is intense, providing results of hair free and smooth skin must faster than other laser hair removal hand pieces.

In order for the Diolaze to penetrate the hair follicle to the best of its ability, is important to not wax or tweeze four weeks prior to your appointment to ensure your hair follicle is still intact to get the desired results.

Why did Prism choose this laser hand piece over others?

Inmode Technology is one the most (and in our opinion) effective and sought after laser companies on the market. The Diolaze hand piece that we use with Optimas-Inmode has one of the largest faces to treat large treatment areas at once. We also liked that there was zero downtime required with the hand piece.

At Prism Aesthetics, we only offer the best services to you. We know how precious our bodies and images are to us; we knew that Inmode was going to help you achieve the goals and results you are wanting to see, at the speed you are wanting to see them.

What Should You Do BEFORE Your Appointment?


  • Tweeze

  • Wax

  • Pluck your hairs for 4 weeks before your laser session


  • Shave the treatment areas

  • Remove all makeup from areas being treated

  • This is not a must, but it is nice, to exfoliate your treatment area before your appointment

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

At Prism Aesthetics, laser hair removal can cost between $250-$1250, starting out. This price includes multiple treatments. Included are 6 treatment sessions with 2 more sessions that are complimentary for touch ups as needed.

Your complimentary touch up sessions do not expire. You can return 1 month after to have a touch up for years after for a touch up. Most patients use their complimentary touch ups within 6-12 months.

Below we have attached a chart that includes all of the service areas we offer and the pricing associated with them.

Treament Area


Upper Lip


Lip & Chin


Full face


Lower face




Bikini line


Bikini area












Chest and Stomach


How Many Sessions Do I Need For Laser Hair Removal?

Each treatment package comes with 6 sessions and 2 complimentary touch up session. We encourage you to speak with our laser technicians to find out exactly how many sessions you will need.

Body hair can be finicky; sometimes you may need more or less than you originally planned for. However, 6 treatments for each area you want to see results in is standard across the board. Sometimes, the full 8 treatments are necessary depending on the type of hair your body has.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Laser hair removal is semi-permanent. As long as you maintain it after your initial 6-8 sessions, your hair growth should slow down and not grow back as dark and coarse. For the best results, we do recommend all 6 sessions within 6 months of starting your treatment process.

Maintaining can look like: a touch up every 6-12 months. This will vary on the amount of hair, color of the hair, coarseness, and your hormones. The best way to understand how to maintain unwanted hair growth is by speaking with a laser technician so they can properly assess the situation.

Do Hormones Affect How Well Laser Hair Removal Works?

Absolutely it does! Facial hair is the most affected by hormones it seems. If you are not seeing the results you wanted, and your hair keeps growing back at the same rate and thickness, you might need more than the 8 sessions allotted in your laser treatment package.

Is There Any Hair Type That Can Not Be Removed?

Red, blonde and white hair will not be removed with any amount of treatments. The follicle needs to be dark in order for the laser and light to penetrate and kill the follicle.


Laser hair removal is a great way to never worry about unwanted body or facial hair again. Make sure that you come in with the expectations set after speaking with a laser technician, and make sure you maintain your results afterward for the best possible outcome.

At Prism Aesthetics, we want you to have the best results possible and be completely satisfied with your laser hair removal treatments. We are here to answer all of your questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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