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Why You Should Do Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal is a routine aspect of our lives, yet traditional methods are often painful, tedious, and necessitate frequent repetition. A revolutionary solution that offers permanent removal of unwanted hair is Diolaze laser hair removal. Here are compelling reasons why this innovative hair removal technique is rapidly gaining popularity:


In contrast to other methods that may cause discomfort, Diolaze incorporates a built-in cooling system to counteract the laser's heat as it targets håair follicles. The procedure is entirely painless, eliminating the need for anesthesia or enduring a painful recovery process.


Diolaze is a safe treatment, approved by the FDA and clinically proven by medical professionals when administered correctly. The laser used in the procedure is non-burning, minimizing any risk of skin damage.


Patients typically require around six sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart to achieve complete removal of unwanted hair, and at PRISM we offer an additional 2 touch-ups. This not only saves money compared to other methods but also ensures enduring results, eliminating the need for ongoing waxing, shaving, or tweezing.


Diolaze's ability to target hair follicles at a deeper level makes it effective for treating both small and large areas. Contrary to common misconceptions, this method has proven successful on larger zones like backs, chests, legs, and arms. It provides a reliable solution for removing unwanted hair from challenging areas such as underarms, bikini lines, and legs.


By focusing on the hair follicle's root, Diolaze achieves permanent hair removal in treated areas. Following the completion of the treatment series, hair follicles gradually loosen, leading to a complete cessation of hair growth. The results are not only long-lasting but also come with minimal chances of regrowth, offering a permanent solution.

Diolaze laser hair removal presents a breakthrough in hair removal technology, providing a painless, FDA-approved, and lasting solution for individuals seeking freedom from unwanted hair.


Discover the numerous benefits that laser hair removal can offer at PRISM Aesthetics. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you achieve your goals through personalized treatment plans. To learn more, schedule a consultation by contacting our office at (479) 278-7166 or book online.

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